Cafe Review: Fia, Rathgar

Fia, 155 Rathgar Road 


This is going to be a breakfast favourite of ours for sure. Fia is managed by Keith Coleman, who used to work in The Fumbally, and there are certain traits that have obviously followed. One such thing is their ability to conjure up phenomenal eggs. Keith poached his fiancee Aisling who has managed the floor in BiBI's (another fab cafe) for two years. Something, Keith says, Bibi's hasn't forgiven him for! I'd say they'd forgive him if he made them some Fia eggs. 


I asked Keith where the name came from and his answer is rather lovely, so here it is: "Fia derives from Fulacht Fiadh, the ancient fire pits that were used for cooking. (you can probably read more about it on Wikipedia if you’re bothered). Anyway, the Fulacht Faith was essentially at the heart of the community, where people gathered to eat, chat etc. I think because of our suburban location away from the city, we wanted the cafe to be a positive space within a community where the locals and others gather for chats, good tea and coffee and hopefully good food. Great service was crucial for us too, something we find might be lacking a little in more central locations. By this stage, we know the names of most of our local regulars and we always go out of our way to give a free coffee or maybe a little slice of cake to a regular (we don’t have loyalty cards so I think it makes more of an impression with customers if you remember and appreciate their loyalty)." 


Get the eggs with seasonal greens; the most flavoursome eggs we've tasted in a long time.  They are eggs as eggs SHOULD be done; exploding with flavour as a result of perfect cooking and considered ingredients. You can add bacon or chorizo, and both are stunning, but, having tried both, the bacon is my preference. 

Eggs with seasonal greens


Look at these plugs. Beautiful, smartphone-friendly plugs. This cafe gets it.


Go check it out in the toilet - it's very nice to use. Circular, it'd put the Dyson Airblade to shame. 

The cups are very cute & the tea is delicious. 

Wine not?