Food Is Life... With Stephen Bowes

Stephen would happily empty his bank account for a good time in a restaurant. Win him with butter, repel him with mushroom. 

What’s your favourite dish? 

Phô with half cooked beef. The stock cures me.

What’s your favourite cuisine?

Scandinavian or Vietnamese.

Best place to grab breakfast in Ireland?

The Pepper Pot. Their scrambled eggs got me through writing my thesis.

Best place to grab lunch in Ireland?

Phô Ta, Temple Bar for a big bowl of phô

Best place to have dinner in Ireland?

The best meal I have ever had was at The GreenHouse on Dawson Street. However, if we’re talking atmosphere and fun it has to be Forrest Avenue.

Best place to get coffee in Ireland?

Nick’s Coffee, Ranelagh.

Best place to get a cocktail in Ireland?

Diplomatico Old Fashioned in the Liquor Rooms

Best shop/ supermarket to grab bits for a home-cooked dinner?

Fallon & Byrne is an obvious choice but the Asian Supermarket on Drury St is a little gem.

What’s your favourite meal to make at home?

Roasting a rib of beef with all the trimmings. I am a big family Sunday dinner fan.

Who’s your favourite cook/ chef?

Nigella Lawson. Her cooking is an attempt to make people feel good and she’s gas.

Do you have a favourite recipe book? 

Scully Ramael and Yotam Ottolenghi’s NOPI

Favourite restaurant you’ve ever been to & why…

Høst, Copenhagen. Hands down my favourite restaurant. Every detail has been meticulously thought out and honed. Polished concrete floors with hardwood tables and chairs do not seem to be contrived or an attempt by the designer to replicate a memory. The ten course tasting menu drew on distinctively Danish/Scandinavian flavours which I love. My bank account would hate me but I would go back in a heartbeat.

What city, from your travels, has the best food?

It’ll have to be Copenhagen. Or Lisbon… I can’t decide.

What’s your favourite ingredient to use in cooking?


Best place (or website) to get gorge bits for the kitchen?


Favourite dessert?

I don’t like sweet things so probably a cheese board. 

Favourite tipple?

I’m a Old Fashioned kinda guy or a good bottle of Mercurey at dinner.

What six people would make up your dream dinner party?

Vladimir Nabokov, Justin Trudeau, Sam Gad Jones, Amy Winehouse, Sandi Toksvig, and Tom Hardy (for dessert).

What food/ ingredient do you detest?


Stephen Bowes works in Luna