Food Is Life... With Courtney Smith


Courtney would eat seafood all day, every day, if she could. When she's not styling the country's most famous people, she's whipping up simple Greek salads at home - and throwing fish on the BBQ. 

What’s your favourite dish?
I’m kinda boring but I love homemade Greek Salad.

What’s your favourite cuisine? 
Seafood… is that classed as a cuisine?

Best place to grab breakfast in Ireland? 
I usually make my own breakfast, but if I have the luxury of a midweek brekkie out it’s usually the egg white omelettes in Honest to Goodness. If it’s a weekend brekkie/brunch then Farmer Browns in Ballsbridge or San Lorenzo's on George's Street. 

Best place to grab lunch in Ireland?
I usually get a salad from Chopped every day and eat in my studio or on a shoot, it’s handy because I’m usually on the go.

Best place to have dinner in Ireland?
Currently loving TASTE at Rustic. But I usually find a new place every few months and then overdo it to the point I can’t go back for a year. Or for a killer steak and old school vibe it’s always to the Trocadero

Best place to get coffee in Ireland? 
Clement & Pekoe – I’m lucky enough that there is one underneath my studio in Temple Bar - which is part of Indigo & Cloth.

Best place to get a cocktail in Ireland? 
The Margaritas in 777 are always a winner in my book.

Best shop/ supermarket to grab bits for a home-cooked dinner? 
I did the Saba cooking course before and we got a lesson on how to shop in the Asian Market on Drury Street – so ever since then it’s been my first port of call! Otherwise if you are being lazy the ready-made meals in Donnybrook Fair are delish but still healthy. Oh and Fallon & Byrne for vegetables and the only place I ever seem to be able to find a ripe avocado. 

What’s your favourite meal to make at home? 
I love simple things on a day to day basis… so whole prawns or fresh salmon on the BBQ with a greek salad for me is ideal. 

Who’s your favourite cook/ chef? 
My boyfriend Mark! He loves to cook and he’s really adventurous with recipes so he never disappoints. 

Do you have a favourite recipe book? 
Ooh... either The World of The Happy Pear or Roz’s Natural Born Feeder

Favourite restaurant you’ve ever been to & why…
Sushi Samba; I love great sushi and it by far is the best I have ever had, but the food is actually a sushi meets Brazilian fusion so the variety is endless. If you get a chance to go, try the Yellowfin Taquitos, they are my fave. 

What city, from your travels, has the best food?
Cape town, the fresh seafood is incredible and they were way ahead of the health food trend, they have juice bars on every corner. 

What’s your favourite ingredient to use in cooking? 

Best place (or website) to get gorge bits for the kitchen? 
TK Maxx has the most incredible random things for the kitchen; I just recently moved into a cottage and bought practically everything from them! I also got copper cutlery and a few unique bits from the Carolyn Donnelly ECLECTIC collection in Dunnes Stores which I adore. 

Favourite dessert? 
Crème Brulee - always!

Favourite tipple?
Hendricks & tonic, (with cucumber and cracked black pepper)

What six people would make up your dream dinner party? 
Stevie Nicks; Ronnie Wood; Frank Sinatra; Kate Moss; Grace Coddington and Isabella Blow. 

What food/ ingredient do you detest? 
Aniseed or anything liquorice tasting


Courtney is one of Ireland's most stunning stylists. Follow her adventures here.