Food Is Life... With Rosemary Mac Cabe

Rosemary is was more concerned with sweet than savoury, but that doesn't deter her from seeking out new places for brunch every weekend. She's brimming with recommendations of places to eat (especially Asian eaterys), so if you're in need of inspiration, read on. 

Food Is Life... With Andrea Horan

Andrea loves Italian things in her mouth, doesn't like aubergine, but she does like saying 'baba ganoush'. She's also fond of a sausage sandwich (with extra sausage) from Kylemore Cafe - but she warns "bring your own ketchup - theirs is gross". 

Food Is Life... With Katy Gaffney

Katy adores wine, wine & more wine. She is also overflowing with recommendations of amazing places to dine in Ireland. A must read for anyone looking for gastronomical inspiration. 

Food Is Life... With Roz Purcell

Roz is a master of whole foods. Her recipes will have you drooling for more. She has a healthy obsession with food and can often be seen toting around Tupperware boxes with little meals incase she gets hungry - which is 24/7 for Roz.